Anker Wireless Charger, PowerWave Stand, Qi-Certified for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XR, Xs Max, XS, X, 8, 8 Plus, 10W Fast-Charging Galaxy S10 S9 S8, Note 10 Note 9 and More (No AC Adapter)

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The Anker Advantage: Join the 30+ million powered by our leading technology.; A Galaxy of Speed: A high-efficiency chipset provides 10W high-speed charging for Samsung Galaxy. iPhones get a boosted 5W charge at 10% faster than other wireless chargers.; Flip It: Charge in landscape orientation...

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Got this charger for my son for Xmas. Within two days of usage, his iPhone 8 battery started to die and would not recharge. Took the phone to apple store and they said it will need to be replaced - the heat from the wireless charger toasted the board. Ended up spending $ 300 for a new phone because of this $25 charger. Strongly recommend not using it. Will call the Anker customer service and get their response. Will post updates from them.
The Anker Qi Charger is basically useless with my Pixel 3 XL. Granted, this is mostly my fault, since I failed to read the fine print and simply purchased a "qi wireless charger" to use with my new phone. I don't blame Anker for this, quite the opposite: I actually blame Google, who have locked down wireless Rapid Charging and are only allowing their own dock to use Rapid Charging technology. This is the same anti-consumer garbage in which Apple has long engaged (though ironically not with these Qi Wireless chargers; go figure), and I'm disappointed to see Google fall to its lure as well. But I digress.This particular Anker unit charges my phone, albeit "slowly". The real problem, however, is that the charger seems nearly wholly incompatible with the Pixel in specific. It says it's charging the phone but my battery continues to drain at the same rate as if it weren't docked at all. Furthermore, it has serious stability issues; I'll leave my phone docked for a few minutes and it all-of-a-sudden loses connection and halts charging the phone despite my not having touched the dock or the phone. Very disappointing.I've actually purchased another Qi Wireless Charging Stand of a different make (made by LK), and while it displays that it charges "slowly" like this Anker unit does, it actually DOES charge my phone and features none of the connectivity issues the Anker unit does. I'm not sure if this is due to a different design, or what, but this Anker unit is nothing more than a paperweight, which is disappointing. I would expect it at the very least to charge my phone, and I could even live with a slow charging rate if it was something I could set my phone on while I work. Seeing as it fails to do even that, it is basically an expensive paperweight, and I've actually just thrown it in the trash.This could have been avoided had I paid more attention to the fine print or done my research beforehand, so rather than 1-star I typically give to a useless product, I'll give Anker 3-stars so I don't drag the product rating down too much. By all accounts it seems a fine product for other devices, but buyers need to be warned before falling into the same trap I have an purchasing it for their Pixel phone.12/23/18 Edit: An Anker customer service representative reached out to my on their own account after seeing this review, offered me a full refund, AND offered to ship me a Google Pixel fast charger free of charge once they release. I've bought Anker charging units in the past and I'd continue to do so with confidence. Impressive customer service. If you have an iphone or another phone with which this charging unit works I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it. I am also adding a star for excellent customer service.
I have purchased two of these Anker Fast Wireless chargers. I have one next to my desk and home and one in my office at work. They are perfect. They make a slight sound to let you know the phone has made contact, I can use it with my wallet case still on the phone, the phone charges fast and I can still look at it and check my next meeting or email while it's charging. I tried a different brand of standup charger that had an annoying fan in it that would spin up the second you put the phone on it. The Anker stand just does its job quietly and quickly with a soft blue circle light to tell you it's charging. I also prefer the stand-up model vs. the pad ones. I feel like with the pads I've tried I have to adjust the phone several times to get it to charge, not so with this product. It just works. Note: it does not come with a charging brick which is fine with me, I have a drawer full of them. I use it plugged into a 5 port USB hub at both home and work.I plan to buy another to give as a gift at Christmas.

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